Saturday, September 19, 2009

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Process

Is SEO campaign useful & effecive as compare to other online advertising forms? Numbers of people asking me this question and my answer is YES, It is most effective form internet adverising and it is the best way to promote the products by driving the traffic to the site.

Here is some useful information about the SEO Process :
Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing the website content, linking structure and increasing the back links to domain.

To get listings in top results of search engines search engine optimizer need to apply various on-page and off-page SEO techniques to the homepage and inner pages of the website. But as this process is natural process of driving the traffic it takes time to get top ranking in search results of search engines.

As compare to other forms of advertising SEO is bit slow to drive the traffic in short run because to make the changes in the site content, linking strucutre etc takes time and search engines also takes their own time to crawl, index and store the website changes into their database. Though SEO is slow process, it is the best way to drive the traffic not only from various search engines but also from various well known directories and websites.

The most important & major benefit of SEO campaign is website remains in top listings for long duration even if webmaster stops on-page & off-page process. Optimizing only 20 important keywords will help you to drive good amount of traffic from thousands of key phrases.

I always suggest the webmasters to promote the site in natural listings of search engines by applying SEO techniques instead spending huge amount on banner campaigns & sponsered text ads. As per the analysis done by various advertising professionals, people mostly click more on natural listings as compare to sponsered text ads becuase they get relevant results against their search query.

In short SEO is best way to drive the global traffic from all search engines and it is most economical & useful advertising solution in long run.

Manish Parkar

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank you Mediaturf

Thank you Mediaturf – A Division of Connecturf (I) Pvt. Ltd.

I joined Mediaturf in April – 2006 and worked there as Sr. Search Engine Optimizer. While working with Mediaturf from last two years I have learned numbers of things from my colleagues, seniors and especially from Mr. V. Ramani - Vice Chairman & Managing Director.

Mediaturf is totally into online advertising business provides services like creative banners, quality text ads, SEM, SEO, viral marketing to name a few. When I joined there I was aware of SEO / SEM technical stuffs like how to carry out the technical operations, how to run SEM campaign etc. But I was totally new to online advertising world and my actual advertising journey started from that day.

Mediaturf was the first company where I started working on Client’s Website and tried my best to promote their products and services in all top search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Mr. Ramani has supported me a lot in carrying out all marketing & reporting activities related to SEO / SEM campaigns. He has given me a platform to grow in the world of search engine advertising.

Working with Mediaturf was an educative experience for me where Mr. Ramani as Guru (Teacher) guided me on each and every project I have handled. I am really very thankful to Mr. Ramani for his enormous support and friendly behaviour.

I will not forget the contribution of Mediaturf and Mr. Ramani in my career path.

Manish Parkar

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mediaturf - Search Marketing Company Mumbai

About Mediaturf - A Division of Connecturf (I) Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai.:

Mediaturf, started in 2000, is India's largest online advertising - marketing and CRM Company. It enables marketers to use the online and mobile channels to create 360 degree interactive solutions and hence, build one-to-one relationships with their customers. We command a lion's share of Internet advertising business in the country. Mediaturf has constantly redefined the Internet space in India. With over 100 advertisers across categories, we have made Internet marketing work wonders for some of the most reputed companies.

Mediaturf offers following important services:

i. Online Media Campaigns
ii. Ad Serving Solutions
iii. Digital (Mobile) Marketing
iv. Website Design & Web Development Services
v. Search Engine Marketing

- Natural Listing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Sponsored Listing (Pay Per Click Text and Banner Ads)
- Link Building Campaign

Thursday, March 01, 2007

SEO Ranking Factors

Go through the following SEO ranking factors affecting search engine results pages:

1. Title Tags assigned to the page content
2. Meta Name Description Tags assigned to the page content.
3. Meta Name Keywords Tags
4. Length of the Title Tag + Meta Name Description & Keywords Tag
5. Relevancy of the keywords written in the Title + Description + Keywords Tags
6. Content of the website
7. Keyword density in the content of the website
8. Keyword positioning in the content of the page
9. Design technology of the website
10. Navigational structure of the website
11. Location of images and links assigned to the images
12. HTML coding structure of the website
13. Link Popularity status of the website

Friday, June 02, 2006

Search Engines Crawler

Search engine crawler (spider also called as robot) is a software program that crawl your website pages, records the changes in your web pages and stores them in its database, which is useful for giving you results against your search queries.

Visits of a spider to any website is depends upon relevancy of the website i.e. content of the page, linking structure, link popularity, link saturation, updates in page etc. Each search engine has its own spiders (software programs). And they are having their own individual technology of crawling websites. For example Google’s spider name is Googlebot, Yahoo! Slurp, MSN’s MSNBot etc.

Google crawls every website as per the relevancy given. And this relevancy depends upon link popularity, age of the domain and page rank assigned by google from 01 to 10. Google crawl some websites daily and some website weekly. It may crawl some website pages monthly also. It is totally depends upon your website contents and linking structure.

I advice you all that design your website visitor friendly as well as crawler friendly by writing unique contents and sophisticated linking structure. This will help your website to achieve boost in search engine ranking and promote your company’s products on internet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Job Profile of Search Engine Optimizer - Career in SEO

To become SEO or to do search engine optimizer’s job require some web designing skills, internet marketing knowledge and most important is reading habit. Reading various articles on search engine optimization and internet marketing will make you expert SEO.

Basic Job profile of search engine optimizer involves following tasks :

1. Submitting website to major search engines to get crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers
2. Submitting website to free web directories to generate one way inbound links
3. Reciprocal link development – exchanging links with good quality websites and directories
4. Reading website pages thoroughly to find out visitor + search engine friendly keywords.
5. Preparation of Title Tags with suitable keywords
6. Preparation of description tag – means making exact summary of what web page is presenting.
7. Modification of web page contents to make them search engine friendly as well as visitor friendly.
8. Writing good articles or newsletter on products, related to website.
9. Participation in SEO forum to learn and earn more knowledge from experts.
10. Tracking search engine ranking results and drafting daily or weekly report.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Period for Search Engine Optimization Project

Search engine optimization is a monitoring & reading activity and totally depends upon the contents and structure of the website, so it is time consuming job. SEO is a continuous process, depends upon the update in algorithm of the search engines. Each search engine have their own algorithm technology. The search engine like Goggle loves unique contents with unique title tag, MSN gives higher appearance in search results for those having high link popularity and good title tag, Yahoo gives importance to description tags etc. etc., Therefore a site may rank high in one search engine and lower in another.

Nobody can say that search engines technology will always remain constant; it may change and improve as per the new search techniques and ideas. If an expert guarantees you about number one position for life time then that is a tip off that they are not really an expert.

Today’s market is very very competitive and if you want to command the market and want to become leader in the market; you should be always ahead of your competitors. In the internet marketing if you stop doing SEO activities then you may or may not remain in top 10 to 20 results. It is totally depends upon how much competition do your business have.

For eg. suppose my company is offering web hosting services and in today’s date web hosting field is very competitive. So for web hosting keyword today I am in top 20, but it is possible that I may not remain in top 50 results in future. But if you have less competition then your results will remain stable which helps you to increase the chances of appearing in top search engine ranking results.

Therefore there is no way to guarantee specific search engine rankings over a duration of time because constant "algorithmic" modifications within individual engines can cause placements to rise, slip or be lost all together.

As per my experience, SEO is a time consuming activity. In this field, results are not immediate, just conduct SEO activities and wait for few days to know results of your working. From last one year I am in search engine optimization field and I found that Google updates its database (google dance) every three month (may take more than three months also) and that’s why you can see changes in Google Page Rank for every three months. Search engine ranking positions of every search engine changes daily or weekly and its depends on how much competition the given keyword have.