Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keyword Research & Analysis : Important Keyword Selection Criteria

In search engine optimization service the first important criteria is selection of keywords. And that’s why selecting traffic friendly keywords for your website pages is an important strategy while doing SEO activities. Webmaster of ever websites loves traffic to their website and if visitors are not using your written keywords for searching your products, you will not get traffic.

So optimizing website with unrelated keywords makes your total search engine optimization campaign fruitless. According to me selecting the exact keywords suitable to your business target markets is an important tactic because it brings traffic – unique visitors to your website which may become your customers in future. Millions of buyers daily searching for various products they want to buy on the internet and to bring these buyers to your website, you will have to go for right keyword optimization.

While doing keyword research and analysis always keep one thing in mind you are optimizing your website to bring quality traffic – visitors for your products and not the other unrelated topics. So first of all you have to study four to six websites of your competitors – read what types of keywords they have used or how their site is optimized and finding out popular keywords related to your business - target market by using various keyword selection tools available on internet. I am using Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool available at This types of tools helps us to tell about the popularity of keywords. Make a list of 25 to 30 keywords which are visitor friendly, traffic oriented, best suitable to your target market. Then put these important keywords in your HTML tags as per suitable to your contents of the page.

So guys n girls are you read to optimize your keywords…Yes……Right!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Writing Unique contents for your website

Writing contents which are totally different from others – Unique Contents

Copying web page contents from other’s website is very easy but getting page rank for that web page is very difficult. It is not at all useful when we are talking about search engine technology. Search engine like Google may punish your website for duplicate contents – text. (Read Google Webmaster Guidelines) So from search engine point of view as well as reader’s point of view, writing your own – unique contents is very much important.

Unique contents are having its own importance because readers and visitors to your website gets good and new information to read. Search engine like Google and Yahoo gives extreme importance to unique contents and this will helps your website to come in top results of search engines for your important business oriented keywords or key phrases.

Writing unique contents is difficult but not so difficult that you cannot write your contents. For writing unique contents the most probable thing is you have to increase your knowledge – information by reading various websites on same topic. It will help you to increase your database. After that just write rough heading points on a paper and after that explain them in your own words and prepare new sentences. After writing a rough article (contents) read it and find spelling or grammatical mistakes. After reading you will automatically come to know, which text to modify and where to place technical keywords in text.

That's it Guys!!! Your own, unique, technical contents are ready to publish on website.